“For He that is in me, is Greater than he that is in the world”

D.R.Tracy is back and ready for 2015…Hello brothers and sisters, my beloved. Sorry for the dissappearing act for a time, but interested parties would like to see Battlefield of Angels as a movie and I’ve been busy working on the screenplay, which I must say is another beast entirely…but of course I invite the challenge which requires a lot of focus and attention, and in between classes just takes up so much time. I’m glad to see so many still faithfully continuing to post…this is a grand motivator for me. May God our Father throught the Lord Jesus Christ continue to watch over, protect, and bless EVERYTHING you do and touch for 2015 and keep your love one safe from seen and unseen hurt harm and danger…God bless family.images (37)


Battlefield of Angels…E-book


Armed for battle

I had a passing thought this morning as I was watching the news and people were turning in their weapons as a sign of promoting peace. I sat for a moment hearing the voice of someone asking me  “Do you have any weapons?” My reply was; “Yes. I have a weapon.” I was told to show my weapon and I did… it was the Holy Bible. The soldier ask if I was serious and I ask if he was serious about the weapon he carried and of course he replied that he was. I responded that I was equally as serious about my weapon as he was. The word of God states in 2 Corinthians 10:3 “For though we live in the world we do not wage war as the world does.” and again it says “Lord teach my hands to war.” Prayer is our strongest weapon of war and we must not forget that we never surrender our weapon of war, because it is the lamp for our feet in the valley of the shadow of death. Hold fast and stand as Paul says and when have done all that we can do, stand therefore with the FULL ARMOR of God. May God continue to bless and protect you and your families as you continue in faith.