“Be thou holy, because I am holy”

I believe when we hear or read this passage in 1 Peter; 1:16, we become afraid of such a high call of how we should conduct ourselves as born again children of God. We begin to ponder on our actions toward others or having thoughts like…”I go to church every Sunday.” “I don’t curse or swear…at least I don’t try to.” “I’m friendly to people and I’m always happy showing a “Christian” attitude. “I give to people when they ask.” “I’m a good wife, husband, mom or dad, and I don’t lust or have unclean thoughts…at least I don’t try to and through all of this brain beating it would sound as if we’re trying to be “Perfect” and not “Holy”. So take a deep breath and realize that we aren’t perfect and will never be in this life. We’re born sinful and our nature is sinful and “the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9. So therefore what is God telling us? This walk of faith is surrendering ourselves in the hands of the living God and separating oneself from the world though we are in the world not to become stained or tainted by the world. These are actions and conduct from someone who truly knows that he/she serves a living, breathing, all knowing, all seeing Omni-present God. Be you…!the one called out of darkness into that glorious light of Christ and stop trying to reach perfection in the eyes of the world, because we know the enemy waits and watches for the one slip of an opportunity to say and accuse that imperfect act…”And you suppose to be a Christian.” My beloved brothers and sisters, may God continue to keep you and your families as the apple of his eye as you walk forward in faith, love and holiness. holiness1 (2)


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